Life Insurance

It's a thought that we would prefer to ignore, but preparing for the future means anticipating the inevitable – the end of our lives.  Life insurance can be a valuable asset to your mix of insurance coverage, especially if you have loved ones who depend on your income.  Life insurance can be used cover outstanding debts and funeral costs or to provide assistance to one’s surviving family. 

As a business owner, life insurance can help you:
  • Protect the business against the loss of yourself and other key employees.
  • Plan the succession of your business and ensure that your heirs will receive full value of all you have worked to build.
  • Provide assistance for the purchase of the business from your heirs. 

As an individual, life insurance can help your surviving family members:
  • Replace your income upon your death.
  • Pay mortgages, loans and debts.
  • Fund your children’s education.
  • Create an estate for your heirs.
  • Provide a gift to your favorite charity.
  • Fund estate taxes.

Download these forms to assist you in gathering information necessary to secure life, accident or health insurance coverage.
These documents are available to download in PDF format. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat plug-in to view them.


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